Thursday, 18 February 2010

Scotland day 2.

Second full day at Scotland, still in and around Braemar. Hoping for better shots of what we already had, and hopefully more.

Red Grouse, which we discovered were more obliging in the morning.

Note the red flash over the eye of the male Grouse. when alarmed it stands out quite a lot.

I had forgotten about these birds over the many years since I chased them around the Yorkshire moors. They are quite amusing little characters with their stumpy legs and little podgy bodies. Reminds me of something.......ah yes, me.

So next on the menu, more Hare. A different location, still within a short drive from Braemar. The first of these two hares must have been giving us a chance, no way we could miss this one really.

This second one was making it a little harder but still reasonably easy to see.

We found these red deer wandering down from the hills.

These following Stags were looking a bit worse for wear, they have obviously had a hard winter.

Still magnificent creatures though.

The second night we stayed at the Braemar Lodge Hotel, Not quite as good as the Fife Arms, in my humble opinion. Thirty five pounds for bed and breakfast and although very clean the bedroom, a single, was not as comfortable as the Fife and the shower head desperately needed replacing as it leaked something awful. The menu for the evening meal was varied but expensive. so we didn't eat there. Breakfast was nice the next morning though.


Bob Bushell said...

What some fantastic pictures. You must have been cold.

Brian J Davis said...

Bob it was bitter, but very much worth the experience.