Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Break in the Clouds

A break in the weather allowed for a visit to Old Moor RSPB reserve. I am so looking forward to seeing this place in the winter, it holds such promise. First stop is the feeder hide by the centre. There are usually tons of birds on the feeders including Bullfinch, Tree Sparrow, Greenfinch, Magpie, Woodpigeon, and Collared dove. I loved this picture of the Greenfinch.

Out on the reserve there were lots of Juvenile birds and still a large number of chicks. Here is a female Shoveller with some chicks,

A juvenile Moorhen.

One of a pair of Juvenile Carrion Crow.

A juvenile Oystercatcher,

along with one of it's adults.

and lastly a juvenile Grey Heron.

Not as striking as an adult but still quite a magnificent bird, i hope you would agree.

I have yet to get any shots of the Med Gull chicks, there are 3 on the reserve, a first for the reserve. They are too distant at the moment but hopefully as they get bigger they will start to congregate with the large number of Black Headed Gulls. There are also at least one set of Common Tern chicks on the reserve but likewise they too are too distant for shots at the moment.
It's back to rain today so no shooting. I have found a great spot at a place called Adwick, not too far from my place and a walk without the camera yesterday gave me close up sightings of, Goldfinch, Longtailed tit, Reed Buntings, Willow warbler and Lesser Whitethroats. I hope for some decent weather before the weekend and the chance to get some shots of them.
I'm away in North Wales next week with my brother, hope to get some shots from South Stack amongst a few other places, will post anything I get on my return.

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