Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back from Welsh Wales

I had a very nice time in Wales, with lots of birds seen and some not only first for the year but some lifetime firsts. However the weather was pants so there aren't many great shots, Its a mixed bag, so rather than just showing birds or one particular thing I'm going to mix it up over the next few postings. The one constant during the trip were the Herring Gulls, They were everywhere and although I've seen Herring Gulls before I was still amazed by the size of them.

I made the mistake of throwing bread out to some Blackbirds that were hanging around our caravan one morning in the hope of getting some shots, when I did it there were no other birds in sight. Yet almost before the first scrap had hit the ground there were a dozen Herring Gulls outside.

During a fishing trip to Anglesey I managed a few close up shots of a few smaller things. These were all hand held shots using my 100mm macro.
This is, I believe, a Magpie Moth.

This is a Large White Butterfly.

I have looked for this in both the Collins insect guide and the internet and I think its a Potato Capsid.

This is a Greenbottle fly, I dont like flies at all, but the make up of these things is amazing.

During the week I tried a bit of Landscape photography, again in poor light, This is not a good shot technically but the huge expanse of rock behind this tower was impressive, I have a few more which I'll post over the next time or two.
A trip to some waterfalls near Llanbedr was amazing, the weather was not great, very grey and humid, and very wet, muddy walking conditions but the waterfalls were something to see and I'm glad I went.

More to follow soon, however on the birding front I mentioned seeing some new birds, I will list the birds we saw in a future post but the new birds were, Great Skua and Sandwich Tern. Unfortunately I did not have the camera with me on the occasion that I saw these 2 birds. Suffice to say I was very happy, especially with the siting of the Skua, it was just off shore and was attempting to get a young Black Headed Gull off the sea, It was being mobbed by other BHG's but at one point it did manage to grab the young bird and start to fly off with it, but the sheer pressure from the other birds forced it to drop it. It was very amazing stuff.

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