Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More from Wales, They talk funny you know!

More stuff from Wales, competely random in order.

One day we went to the River Glaslyn Osprey Project on the outskirts of Porthmadog. The Project is run by the RSPB and is staffed largely by Volunteers. We saw Osprey through the scopes and Its great to hear that the birds are returning year on year and breeding succesfully.

Another bird that has returned are the swallows. A pair nest inside the hide, here are two chicks on the nest, they are completely at ease with all the visitors, the adults fly in and out with food an barely pay any heed to the human activity.

In my last post I think I alluded to the fact that there were lots of Herring gulls seen. I like this flight shot of one, its different to the norm having its wings forward.

Whilst on Anglesey my son came across this little fellow or lass on the road. It wasnt very well. I could see a tick attached to its underside and it was breathing funnily. I moved it to the side of the road and hope it manages to live.

I was sitting wait for a bite whilst fishing and this pair of Damsell flies started to perform infront of me. Got this shot with my 300mm lens so apologies for the poor quality.

This Greenbottle was caught with my 100mm macro lens. I think I would like to get into Macro photograpy a bit more. I love to see some of the offerings on the UKNP forum site, I can't match some of the shots on there but I am pleased with the first few efforts.

We saw 44 different bird species whilst in North Wales, thats over 1/4 of my year to date list all seen in 5 days. I think that Wales has so much to offer, and have been watching the wild Wales series on TV, it has certainly opened my eyes to the diverse wildlife population that this part of the British Isles has to offer. I would strongly advise yu all to take a trip to Wales, it might be the best experience of your lives.
Just a few more pics to follow in my next post. As always click on pics for larger versions.

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