Saturday, 27 November 2010

Chasing Redpoll.

Recent reports from Old Moor RSPB reserve suggested that Redpoll were being seen on a daily basis feeding on the reserve. These were Lesser Redpoll but also given yesterday was a Common Redpoll so if ever I needed a reason to drive the four miles or so to the reserve this was it. I have only one or two pictures of Redpoll, they are a bird that have eluded me in my photographic endeavours.

On my arrival at the reserve I immediately linked up with the staff and asked where the best place to see the Redpoll was, they told me and off I went. Unfortunately what they didn't tell me was that I wouldnt be able to photograph them in situ as, a) The area in which they been seen is not accessible to the public, at least not close enough even with a big lens and b) even if it was its only accessible from one direction and guess what, yes you guessed, its into the sun.  I did see a few Reed Bunting but this picture will give you an idea of what I was up against.

This is quite a big crop.

I think they call this, backlit. Realistically is should be back in the deleted recycle bin.

In the feeder station Garden I suffered with the usual sun problem as well. In other words the shadow cast by the visitor centre completely covers the feeders from about 10am, which when you consider that the centre doesnt open until 9.30am rather limits one's chances. I did try though.

A Woodpigeon,

and a Goldfinch.

and finally a Grey Squirrel.

not a lot in the way of Redpoll and a very depressing visit to Old Moor. I checked later on the Old Moor webpage on the RSPB website and it was a day where very little being seen.

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Bob Bushell said...

No Redpolls, but some beautiful images, Reed Bunting to Squirrel. I am looking for the Waxwing, they should be at Little Dean.