Monday, 29 November 2010

Top shots 2010 (part 1).

I have decided to share again with you some of my favourite shots from 2010. They are not in chronological order but I hope you will enjoy them with me.

This first is a simple shot, taken with my nikon compact I think, its not technically brilliant but I love the simplicity of it.

This was taken on Hergest ridge, North Herefordshire, the day that Chris G and I went a searching for Dotterell, didn't see them but got my closest ever, and first confirmed view of a cuckoo.  Again not technically brilliant but isn't it so lovely to see a foal with its mother?

Highland Cattle, so characterful and impressive with those horns. This one was at Fairburn Ings, RSPB reserve.

This was last winter, it was around the time that we got all the snow, I was living in Ross on Wye and this was the view from my back door.

Wild Boar piglets, this was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. I got up close and personal with these little fellows and 7 or 8 of their brothers and sisters with two adult sows whilst driving through the Forest of Dean. A chance encounter and one which I now have a photographic record of forever. I hope they dont eradicate them from the forest completely.

A simple shot of a Blue Tit, but I really like it.

Macro photography is something I would love to get better at. This was one of my attempts to capture the smaller things that lurk in our gardens.

Lastly for this post is a picture that I absolutely love. I have had a fascination with the Moon since I was a small child. I was really pleased to get this almost full moon.

These may not be the best shots I've taken this year, but they are amongst my favourites. I will post another selection soon.


Andy Carey said...

Some lovely shots Brian, I see why they're amongst your favourites. I look forwards to parts 2, 3 etc. etc. Andy

Brian J Davis said...

Thanks Andy, there will be at least a part 2 and 3. Especially as I cant get out with the camera due to deep snow at the moment.