Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thats Snow business.

What a week, snow,snow and more snow. We've got well over a foot of snow here in Barnsley, and my car hasn't moved off the drive for days.

Unfortunately I've run out of bird seed to so the sparrows and Collared Doves that visit my garden are down to starvation rations.

But the kids love it dont they? My little great neice has been off school all week as her school has been closed, she has enjoyed sledging with her mum and Nanny.

Its given me the opportunity to try out some of my foul weather gear.

the fleece lined trousers are a godsend.

The streets have been very quiet too, with only the odd vehicle (mostly 4x4) using them.

But my sister was all for making a path to our door, the foolish child.

There's more to come, allegedly, so I will look forward to that.....not.

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