Thursday, 15 November 2012

Making the most of it.

Extremely skittish. That is how I would describe the birds at my feeder station, but I am aware that its early days. I've spent an hour or two there now, and can see the potential so I'm going to persevere. The pair of squirrels aren't fazed by my being there, the Blue tits and Great tits aren't fazed either but the GSW, Goldfinch and Fieldfare are not quite so obliging. As the weather gets colder I am sure they will get braver.

I have had the camera out, not only at my FS (feeder station) but at the pond at Christleton. I spent half an hour trying to get Black headed Gulls in flight. The weather wasn't brilliant but I got a few half decent shots.

Then back to the FS, and the squirrels.

Very cheeky pair, but I think this is the same one.
The Robin comes calling quite frequently.

The GSW was caught the first time I sat in my hide for a while, the weather was pants, very little light.

I'd forgotten how jittery they can be, but very charasmatic.
When the sun is out it will be on my FS from early morning till about 3.00pm at the moment, so as the sun moves around I will hopefully get different shots in different places, as you can probably guess I'm a tad excited having done very little bird photography this year so far.

One Blue tit is worth a look I think.

So, the first pictures I've posted for a little while, not award winners but a step in the right direction.
Come back again soon.


Bob Bushell said...

I think that they were waiting for you, (GSW not included), feeding station. Great photos too.

Brian J Davis said...

Thanks Bob.