Sunday, 11 November 2012



No pictures this time, I have only had the camera out once this week and that was to check some angles at the orchard.

I have had my hide in place for two days now in the hope that the wildlife will get used to it. I did spend half an hour in it on friday afternoon, Great and Blue tits are the most common visitors but there has been a GSW, Long tailed tits, Goldfinch, Squirrel, Robin, Dunnock, Fieldfare in the orchard, along with Mistle thrush and a Jay.

I have seen Buzzard flying over and Rabbit on the other side of the orchard. So all in all I'm hoping for a winter of bright frosty days with lots coming to the feeders. The squirrels are causing problems, whipping the fat balls at every opportunity, they have also gnawed through the peanut holder. I'm going to have to address that problem.

Hope to post some pics next week, pop back for a look.

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