Monday, 17 December 2012

Beast? more like a cuddly teddy bear.

Well the beast from the east didn't really happen did it? It did get a tad cold, dropping to -5 the one morning but not what I was expecting. Now apparently we are going to have a wet and blustery period till past xmas, that won't be good.
I have spent most of the time since last post running back and to the hospital as my mum has been admitted again, so time at the hide has been limited to one hour long spell sunday morning and a few grabbed moments before. However the results are all that I could have asked for. Numbers are increasing as are the varieties of visitors. So far I have had, Greenfinch, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Great tit, Blue tit, Long tailed tit, Dunnock, Blackbird, Wren, House Sparrow, Magpie, Jay, Mistle thrush and GSW. On sunday morning I had a visitor that is both very welcome yet potentially disastrous. A Sparrowhawk came a calling, pic of her later in the post.

The Fieldfare and Redwing are also in the orchard but they don't come to the feeders, although the Fieldfares have been down on the apples I've spread around but they shoot off when I arrive. Did manage to get a few shots this week of them, out of the car and on a day when the light was not brilliant.

and a Redwing came into the hedge just to the left of the hide so this is quite a crop.

it had been in the field behind my orchard, Still a welcome sight though.

The Jay is finally getting used to the shutter on the camera and not flying off at the first click, I have tried to set up a perch for it behind the stump that it feeds off but so far it avoids it, so most shots of it are on the food, but I did manage one, albeit it in dull light.

This second one was in lovely light but on the food

The Greenfinch and Goldfinch give excellent opportunities,

But the star of this week was undoubtedly the Sparrowhawk, she came swooping in at a blackbird but missed, she landed on the ground then jumped up onto a small branch that has been cut out of the hedge. she was too close to get all of her in and having taken a few shots with the 1.4 on I tried to take it off but she flew away before I could get a shot without it. Still, I am in no way disappointed, it was amazing to be able to get her at all.

So very chuffed with these shots, the first close ups I have ever managed, the only other shot being a long distance one at Slimbridge.

No photography done away from the hide this week due to mums hospitalisation and at the time of composing this post she is still in and likely to be tomorrow as well. If I do manage to get some stuff done before xmas I will repost but if not have a great festive period.

see you soon.

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