Saturday, 1 March 2008

Hopefully not Boaring!

Finally had chance to read this weeks Forest Review and saddened to read more attacks on the Forests boar population.

It would also seem that the Review team have taken sides against the boar based on the comments in the Review Opinion column.

The long awaited report from D.E.F.R.A and the other interested parties was in the whole a cop out by the Government. The "guidance" was largely that it should be left to landowners and the Forestry Commission to control the boar. There are strict guidelines regarding the methods of control covering the licensed firearms to be used. All methods of control must meet current legislation regarding the protection of wild animals.

My concern is that there will be a number of "landowners" who will show the same regard to this "guidance" as they do to other matters. The same landowners who think that their tractors don't have to pull over to allow other road users to pass, the same landowners who do not maintain proper access to footpaths and bridleways, the same landowners who wilfully destroy badger setts on their land. I know and accept that there are a lot more decent law abiding landowners who will comply with the "guidance", some who don't actually mind the boar on their land, I hope that they will understand that I do not tar all with the same brush. I am sure though that they will accept my point and agree with the sentiments contained within my comments.

I hope that the Forestry Commission will take positive action to ensure the correct application of the reports recommendations, I hope they will take positive action to publicise their stance when dealing with armed trespassers on their land. Having had numerous dealings with armed trespassers on land at night I expect there to be an increase in the number of reports of poachers within the land around the forest as armies of Welsh poachers descend to kill the boar for financial gain. I'm not racist, I am stating a fact. I know that when the lack of government action becomes widely known there will be a plethora of Welshmen rushing up the A40 intent on illegally killing as many boar as they do deer and rabbit now. The same lies about their "mate" having been given permission by the landowner will spout forth. If not armed they will have the type of dogs required to pursue the boar to exhaustion or corner and attack it.

I can hear you saying "Steady on Brian", but if you'd spent as many years as I have dealing with Poachers, then you might accept that whilst my rant seems a little O.T.T it is quite feasible. Believe me when I say this is a genuine concern and it needs to be addressed quickly and positively by the Forestry and indeed the Police.

I started this post by saying that I was saddened to hear of more attacks on the boar in the Review, however there is a genuine need for control of boar I just wish the Government had given the job solely to a recognised organisation such as The Forestry Commission or RSPCA.

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David Slater said...

Totally agree! The government sit on the fence, and the FC are a weak minded group of labourers with a sloppy approach to forest management and a lust to kill anything with 4 legs. A recipe for disaster.

As a photographer who often lies motionless and undercover, I worry about armed assholes who come into the forest for their sick fun.

We have enough shit from the damage the FC do to verges, others who park on road verges and louts, bigmac eaters, cigarette smokers and beer can drinkers who throw litter along just about every inch of forest road.

And what if a boar is NOT killed outright by these amateurs (DEFRA have stated that even deer calibre bullets are not good enough) - my guess is carnage and an all out war against a much loved animal.

I will also prophesise a shutting down of public access to the forest.