Wednesday, 12 August 2009

All over the place.

Apologies for the lack of postings recently, this has been largely due to limited internet connectivity and also a lot of time spent photographing stuff to put on here.

Chris Grady and I went to Slimbridge WWT recently to try and capture the Spoonbill that was there.

We saw it and photographed it but it came no closer than 150 yards, so this is about as good as the shots got.

However, I wasn't disappointed they are the best I've had of a Spoonbill since Norfolk last year and I think this was closer too.

The Black Tailed Godwits came close though, this is only a very small crop and there were others that I have not cropped at all.

A lovely group of birds in changing plumage.

The day had started dull but it turned into a great day, there were lots of the usual suspects to keep us amused.
This coot looked great in the sun.

The Jackdaws were coming too close for anything other than portrait shots.

There was at least one Great Crested Grebe chick, swimming around with parents.

This woodpigeon decided to make the most of a quick dip to cool its feet.

I'll put a few of the other pictures together for the next post. I hadn't been to Slimbridge for a while and whilst it wasn't as busy as I'd hoped the Spoonbill was a tick for this year and that can't be bad.

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