Thursday, 13 August 2009

Back to the Spoonbill.

In the last post I mentioned that Chris G and I had photographed the Spoonbill. On reflection I don't think I expressed well enough the time Chris and I spent that day on the Spoonbill.

We arrived before nine in the morning, left after five in the evening and with the exception of small breaks for food and a trip to the Kingfisher hide to see what was occurring there, we waited for the spoonbill to come closer. It didn't.

It did however change its pose once or twice, even if it didn't move very far. Difficult to preen yourself with a beak that big I guess.

We couldn't see any boogie box or earphones any where but it had a little dance at one point.

Having knackered itself out it had a sit down, something it did not do easily and was even more uneasy getting back up again.

Clearly all the dancing and preening made it tired so it had a yawn and went back to sleep.

Not a bird you see everyday so in all, despite the fact we didn't get close pics, I was pleased to see it for so long. I have pictures of another bird which I only just managed to see to follow in a future post, watch this space.

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