Tuesday, 5 January 2010

40cm and rising. (and another garden first)

The weather people predict 40cm of snow in some parts of the country. I think everywhere is getting some. I was in the forest and Coleford yesterday and they still had snow on the ground from last time.

It was a glorious day yesterday. Although cold it was really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed my day out. No such luck today, once again I'm stranded with my car in the car park.

I spent a few hours driving round the forest stopping at the usual haunts, These are some of the shots I got.

Song Thrush.



Great tit.

Blue tit.

and Blackbird.

Back home again today I had yet another garden first. A Blackcap came a calling in the snow. I would not have expected to see one of these on my feeders perhaps it was the snow that encouraged it to seek food where it could. I'm not complaining its another tick for garden and my yearly list.

The quality is not brilliant, but it was snowing!!

As usual click on the pics for larger versions.
Be safe and don't travel if you dont have too.

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