Sunday, 13 February 2011

More Slimbridge

Just a few more shots from Slimbridge.

The Jackdaw has such character, its a great bird to photograph if you can get it to stand still for a while.

When the sun came out the Bewicks Swans were looking great.

Even in the fog they look quite majestic.

Sunshine gives great opportunities for flight shots, this is just a plain Greylag Goose but I think it looks great.

I missed the RSPB garden watch weekend, mostly due to being busy packing but in honesty I didnt fancy looking at the back garden in Barnsley for an hour knowing that at best I was going to see House Sparrow, Collared Dove, maybe a Blackbird, and if I was really lucky a Starling.

However if I was to do it now I'd be happy with my lot. I've had all of the above plus, Great, Blue and Long tailed Tits, a Robin, and the star so far a female Blackcap. Although I'm on a housing estate here I'm close to woodland and a couple of large lakes.

I took a drive around the area yesterday and saw Fieldfare, Redwing, Buzzard, and Jay in fields nearby. I must say though that I have missed driving a few miles to Broomhill Flash and seeing ducks and waders including Green Sandpiper, Snipe and Redshank. Its horses for courses I guess.

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