Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Website Closure

Hi all, I have decided that I am going to close down my website. I think that I didnt acheive what I wanted with it. My original thoughts were that I would use it as a tool for showing only the best of the shots that I took, but in reality I feel that the pressure to constantly put something on there regularly, meant that I let the standards drop very quickly.

In addition to this I can't really justify the money to keep it to going. I have decided therefore to go back to the way that I originally had this blog set up. I have a Gallery page in my links, at the time that I started my blog it was just a way for me to put extra shots on here without all the narrative. I am going to go back to that set up, I just need to work out how I'm going to do it. I'm not sure that Picaso is the way that I want to go.

If any of you have any ideas then dont be shy in letting me know, I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to technical stuff so I would appreciate the help.

In the meantime I will continue doing what I enjoy the most, posting on here and sharing the craic with you all.

A few shots I took at Highnam the other day for your perusal below. I was sitting watching for the Marsh tit on the one feeder post when I heard a kerfuffle to my left. I turned my head and saw a male Sparrowhawk on another post. before I had chance to lift my camera he was gone. A momentary glimpse but I loved it.

A punk rocker Blue tit, either that or he's got delusions of being a Crested tit.

Great tit.

A lovely Long tailed Tit.

and finally a Marsh tit.

or is it a willow? I'm going with Marsh.


Katie said...

Sorry to hear that Brian! I will miss seeing your photos as you do get some great shots!

I closed my blog (which wasn't very old) and instead use flickr to upload my photos! If you have a btinternet account you automatically get the pro account with gives you unlimited uploads, otherwise you are limited to so many uploads a month!

I get a fair bit of feedback on flickr which I like and helps me improve! if your interested

Brian J Davis said...

Katie, Hi and thanks for that, I'm still going to have my blog and will hopefully put the pictures that would have gone on the website in a gallery here.
Just as a matter of interest why did you stop doing your blog?
Do your pictures on Flickr have a watermark? I have heard of pics being used by people without the owners consent, have you suffered this?
I will have a look at your flickr site. Thanks for the assistance, still hope to bump into you one day x

Katie said...

I enjoyed doing my blog, but was also using flickr at the same time, and found that I received more feedback on flickr which helped me as I only started photography last year! Then I decided that it would be easier just to upload to one site, so the blog went!

They don't, I could add them if I thought about it, but you can restrict the copyright on your photos on flickr, so that people can't copy or save them which is good!

Now that your back in the forest, I'm sure we are bound to bump into each other at some point!

Brian J Davis said...

Thanks for that Katie, take care.

Bob Bushell said...

I'm a little bit crying, sob, sob. You have been a real blogger, and I am sorry your not going to stay. Never mind, I can always look in your BJD Wildlife images.

Brian J Davis said...

Bob, its the other way round, its the website that is going, I'm keeping the blog. so I'll still be here.