Thursday, 10 February 2011

Up and Running.

Finally I have my Broadband up and running. So, I can now post some of the shots I've got from Slimbridge on the last two visits. On both occasions the weather was not brilliant early on, but bright sunshine later on gave me some good chances.

Bewicks Swans were in abundance, it won't be long before they start their migratory journey away from Slimbridge once again.

There was one which I managed to catch in flight, it had a huge ring around its neck.

Now, I'm sorry but that's just totally unnecessary. I dont like ringing in any case but this, in my humble opinion, is worse. However, if we're going to talk about completely over the top marking of birds then cop a look at this.

That is just bizarre, how can this not be considered as intrusive? I think its appalling. Someone somewhere needs to address this issue. If I had the intelligence or the know how I would find out where this was done and by whom, and then ask them what the purpose and need for it were. Totally bizarre.

Away from that though it was nice to be up close and personal with some ducks.



The star of the two days, for me, was this female Lesser Scaup. I cant find any record of having a confirmed sighting of a Lesser Scaup in my files so this goes down as a lifetime first for me.

Only February and a lifetime first. Could this be another cracking year for me? I truly hope so and I hope that I can share the joys with some of my friends.

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