Saturday, 20 June 2009

In a world of changes.

I have renamed the Blog, you've probably noticed already. I wanted it to reflect that my world is now that, beyond the Forest of Dean. Its still brianswildlifephotos etc though.

The very inclement weather that I've experienced over the last three days has meant very little photography has been done but lots of driving. From Skomer I went to St Davids. St Davids is a city because it fulfils the need of having a cathedral. Its a very beautiful and impressive cathedral too.

I stayed on a campsite just outside of St Davids called Caerfai Bay Caravan and Tent park. It was an exposed site overlooking the sea. It was excellently managed and had fantastic facilities including Laundry room, shower and toilet blocks, and full waste disposal facilities. Thirty one pounds for two nights, with electric hook up was good value. Only downside, TV reception was awful but hey they can't control that can they?

I then moved north and east to Cardigan, calling in at the Teifi Marsh nature reserve and Welsh Wildlife Centre. The centre was excellent, good restaurant and information area. But unfortunately the reserve itself has seen better days. I do not want to upset anyone who might read this, I know that they are mostly dependent on volunteers but there were areas of the reserve that were very lacking.

A number of the hides were in very poor condition, I don 't doubt that Vandalism plays a part in this as the reserve is very close to the built up area. However there can be little excuse for no door catches and damaged viewing portals. The tree top hide was unfit for purpose really, no seating, no door catch, no shelf for resting kit on (triopod mounts, bean bags). The lady at info said that no-one goes there very much. I can see why. It's a hike and for nothing. I seem to recall that the place was featured on TV many years ago when it opened and great stock was put on the fact that it had a wonderful tree top hide. Those days are long gone.

However in fairness some great work is being done to repair and improve the walkway to both the Heron hide and the Otter hide and hopefully both of those will be given a face lift when its completed. I didn't get my camera out of its bag but I did see.....Yes you got it another fox. I also saw Heron, Cormorant, Reed warbler, Reed Bunting, and a Buzzard. I can imagine that despite all the problems at the right time of year there would be lots to see. I didn't get to see the otters and Kingfishers that had been seen recently either.

A quick visit to Borth and Aberyswyth and then a night in a layby found me on the road to Elan valley. I have located in a campsite near Llandrindod. Its the Caravan Park old Station Site. Its a basic site with no Toilet or showering facility. It does have electric hook ups and has the most fantastic walk alongside the River Wye, I have already seen Kingfisher and Dipper today. I am told that an otter is regularly seen so I will be up in a few hours to go and have a look early doors, weather permitting. Seven pounds a night here. A quick drive around the Elan in the rain this morning revealed a few Wheatear, Meadow pipits and only one Kite seen.

Come back soon to find out if I am successful in seeing Otter.

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