Thursday, 18 June 2009

More from Wales

I wanted to comment on the logistics of getting on to Skomer and the cost involved. The twenty one pounds it cost me was, on reflection, well worth it. I did initially think it was a bit steep. However its good that it is expensive, otherwise as is typical in this country it would, no doubt, be spoilt by the minority of half wits that seem intent on destroying everything that they have access to. I had a bit of an issue with the queing and the boarding system for the boat but again it works so why change it. Did anything I endured that day put me off going again? No. Would I go again? Hell, yes. The cost would have been less had I been a member of the National trust or the Wildlife trust, so I have already rectified that and set about joining.

Short eared owls, Ravens, Gulls, Guillemots, Shearwaters, Razorbills, Puffins, Pipits, Warblers, Hirundines, and Raptors, just to name a few of the species and types of birds that are present, make it well worth a visit.

The headland was just as much fun, after a cup of coffee and a rest the three of us walked around the headland with our gear. Chough and a fox I'd been tipped off about were the targets.
The Fox came pretty easily, it was laying around at the entrance to the den.
A pretty precarious den it was too. It was on a steep slope. It was a distance away but these aren't bad shots.

No foxes for ages then two in two weeks. Must be my lucky month. The Chough were a different kettle of fish. Chris spent an age walking up and down trying desperately to get a good shot. He did us a favour in a way and drove them towards us. Mike and I were "resting" and one came and landed within 75 yards. Again not great shots but a good record of this great bird.

Whilst we were fox watching we became aware of the chattering of little birds behind us. A family of linnets and a pair of Stonechats were flitting around in the gorse. The linnet was feeding it's young that had fledged whilst the stonechats were back and too with caterpillars and the like for its nestlings.
The Linnet was looking good.

Unfortunately though the female Stonechat was looking a little bedraggled.

I love the colours in these pictures, It was a beautiful evening and there was a lot of benefit from the light.

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