Thursday, 18 June 2009

Post script

I said I'd tell you a wildlife rescue story. well here it is.

Whilst standing at the jetty waiting for the return boat my attention was drawn to an occurrence in the sea. Someone said it was a seal being mobbed by Gulls. This was not the case, what had happened was that a buzzard had been flying by and was mobbed by the gulls, the attack had been so ferocious that it had forced the buzzard to ditch into the sea.

Of course once in the sea the buzzards wings had become too wet for it to gain momentum to take off. The Gulls were dive bombing it, and causing a heck of a racket. One of the volunteers for the trust was told of what was happening and a message was put out to the outcoming boat. The captain of the boat diverted and we saw him catch the bird in a large landing net.

He then continued to the jetty where he was greeted with a round of cheers and applause. The bird was duly handed over to the volunteer and the boat loaded and sailed.

A great story and I dont doubt that the buzzard was extremely grateful, warms your heart that the life of a buzzard was deemed important enough for action to be taken.

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